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The information provided within is not intended to medicinally prescribe or diagnose in any way, nor is it meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. We suggest you consult your veterinarian before pursuing any form of treatment for your animals.
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“The Earth does not belong to man; Man belongs to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”—Chief Seattle

Animal Supplements:
Improving Health from the Inside Out!
The "Your Ultimate..." supplement products of No Horsing Around are manufactured under a regulated feed license in a USDA and State of California Food & Agriculture Inspected Facility. They contain NO fillers, artificial ingredients, colorants, preservatives/chemicals or animal by-products in any of our supplements and by choice, we use only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients.

Our products are produced in pounds, not tons, in order to guarantee freshness and potency and are packaged fresh the day they are shipped out. So whether you purchase for your horse, dog or cat, you are guaranteed a pure, fresh, nutrient-rich product. Overall the "Your Ultimate..." product blends supply a superior, high potency source of species specific prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes the majority of other "probiotic supplements" on the market just simply can't compare to.

Your Ultimate Canine
Your Ultimate Canine (YUC) is a concentrated, natural food supplement of active probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other key ingredients. It was specially designed for every day use to optimize the absorption, utilization and nutritional value of any dog food by reestablishing and supporting the good micro flora of the digestive tract. When “good bacteria” flourish your dog will have the ability to extract the maximum benefits from food and/or supplements, minimize parasitic infestations, soothe gastro-intestinal upsets and boost the immune system. Your Ultimate Canine also contains naturally occurring anti-cancer agents/anti-cancer compounds to help keep your dog healthier longer.

Your Ultimate Feline
Use Your Ultimate Feline (YUF) regularly to help your cat digest their food more efficiently and completely to improve overall health and well being. Help relieve constipation, poor absorption of nutrients and even help reduce/prevent parasitic infestations and hair balls. Your Ultimate Feline was specially designed for every day use as an important part of your cat’s health, longevity & quality of life.

Your Ultimate Equine
Your Ultimate Equine (YUE) was designed to benefit all horses from the tiniest of foals to the eldest member of the heard. It is a concentrated blend of 9 horse friendly probiotics, prebiotics and 6 digestive enzymes that work to balance and improve the digestive process in order to optimize the absorption of nutrients from feeds and supplements. Regular use has also been shown to improve hoof growth, help prevent skin disorders and aide in the prevention of parasitic infestations as a result of a healthier immune system. Additionally, YUE may also help to prevent laminitis and gas type colic by maintaining a healthy gut with healthy intestinal bacteria, while also helping to prevent equine ulcers. Using YUE may also boost Phosphorus absorption by up to 25% ensuring healthy bones and energy production at a cellular level. Meets USEF guidelines.

Your Ultimate Equine: The Competitive Edge
Your Ultimate Equine: The Competitive Edge is intended to improve the digestive process and thus increase immune health as well as stamina. It contains all the benefits of Your Ultimate Equine with added amounts of Colostrum, MSM and a powerful 90% soluble Beta Glucan. It also contains mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS), amino acids, vitamins, minerals and more with concentrated digestive enzymes, prebiotics and nine horse friendly probiotics for digestive tract health. This is a great product for any horse that has a need for a boosted immune system and/or needs extra stamina. Meets USEF guidelines.

Pure Colostrum Powder
Our pure bovine Colostrum comes from a certified dairy in Northern California. It is universal to all mammals and our horses can benefit from this supplement in many ways. It is not only immune boosting, but has been shown to help enhance energy, strength, skin and hair quality, endurance, freedom of movement, tissue repair and overall body function. Additionally, the soothing properties of colostrum have been shown to help prevent gastro-intestinal upset including but not limited to ulcers, gastritis and diarrhea.

For horses that work out regularly and strenuously, colostrum is a good choice. Not only does it
help maintain lean muscle tissue, colostrum helps slow normal protein breakdown and speed up normal protein synthesis. Meets USEF guidelines.

Hoof Care:

Hoof-ReNew Thrush Treatment – Soak
A super-fast, non-necrotizing soak designed to target infected material while preserving healthy tissue. Soak the infected hooves no longer then 20 minutes. When stored properly away from heat and direct sunlight, an activated batch of Hoof-ReNew will remain viable for up to 4 WEEKS! Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), the primary germicide in Hoof-ReNew, is an incredibly effective broad-spectrum, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal agent that does not produce toxic by-products. Available in multiple sizes.

Hoof-ReNew Thrush Treatment – Spray Bottle
Hoof-ReNew makes thrush just a bad memory. Conveniently applied as a spray with the power of a soak. Coming soon!

All-Natural Training Aides:

“At Ease” Flower Essence Blend
Permissible as per USEF regulations, At Ease has been successfully used to correct all kinds of behavioral issues including but not limited to fears of any kind, stress/anxiety, restlessness, agitation, nervousness, inferiority issues, lack of concentration. Restores balance, concentration, courage, calmness, confidence, enthusiasm and more! Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and people too!

All-Natural Insect Protection for Horses & Dogs:
Don’t be deceived when you see “all natural” on the bottle, check the label…

PLEASE BE ADVISED: We've all seen the "All Natural" claims for many popular fly spray products on the market today, so does that mean the product is really safe? You would think that "all natural" meant no toxic chemicals or poisons, but that is not the case! Commonly used ingredients for many "all natural" fly sprays are Pyrethrum or Pyrethrin. These ingredients are derived from chrysanthemum flowers so they receive the "natural" label but don't be deceived (remember, Arsenic is natural too...). Pyrethrum, Permethrin, Pyrethrin & Resmethrin are neurotoxic chemicals identified by the National Resources Defense Council to be dangerous, cancer causing, damaging to the neurological system with children at the highest risk.

If you see Pyrethrum, Pyrethrin or Pyrethroid (synthetic Pyrethrum) on the list of ingredients, consider the toxicity to your animals, your ground water, beneficial insects and your exposure as well. For more information about Pyrethrum, Pyrethrin & Pyrethroids visit the National Pesticide Information Center.

Face & Body Formula Insect Control
For Horses:
I use this product on horses who won’t wear fly masks as it will protect their eyes and their ears all day! EXCELLENT protection for your horse when riding. Safe to use in the delicate sheath area.
Safer, but just as effective as SWAT! Stops the foot stomping and tail swishing. Great for show horses as it does NOT attract dust.

For Dogs:
Use the Groomer Concentrate as a DIP-RINSE-SCRUB or ALL-OVER-WIPE first and then apply the Face & Body Formula for continued
relief from fleas, ticks, bees, mosquitoes and flies. Leaves your dogs coat healthy, shiny and smelling great.

Non-Sticky, Non-Greasy, Non-Staining
• Protects from mosquitoes, flies, no-see-ums, midges and biting insects.
• Face & Body Formula does not contain Pyrethrum, Pyrethroid, Resmethrin or neuro-toxic ingredients
• Safe for preening & lactating animals
• Ready-to-use 4 & 8 oz size

Active Ingredients: Lemongrass .69%, Citronella .69, Geranium .35%
YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW ALL INGREDIENTS! Inert Ingredients (61.98%): Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Polysorbate (natural emulsifier derived from vegetable oil)
Product meets EPA exemption requirements.

Bare Skin Barrier
Bare Skin Barrier is the only OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed fly & insect control product on the market today that does not contain Pyrethrum, Permethrin or neuro-toxic ingredients. I use this product on my horse’s bellies where the gnats like to irritate them and after just one day the healing began and I could already see a difference!

Protects Open Sores & Wounds while stimulating healing – Protects like SWAT but without the chemicals!
Relieves scabby insect skin conditions
Relieves ear plaque
• Safe for Lactating Mares, Dairy cows, Goats & Organic Livestock
• OMRI® Listed #NBC-4022
• Ready-to-use 4 oz bottle yields 120 applications

Is your horse rubbing his/her tail out? Are there scabs under the belly or on the chest and between the legs? Relieve the bites and itching effectively and naturally with Bare Skin Barrier.

Active Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil 85.42%, Jojoba 10.42%, Citronella 2.08%, Lemongrass .69%.
YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW ALL INGREDIENTS! Inert Ingredients (1.39%): Lavender, Tea Tree
Product meets EPA exemption requirements and is OMRI® listed

Groomer Concentrate
The Groomer Concentrate is an all natural, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal & Insect control Dip, Rinse, Skin Scrub, Spray and All over Wipe for Dogs, Horses, and Livestock.

Make your own fly spray! Start with a less concentrated blend (like ¼ oz to a gallon of water) and add more of the Groomer Concentrate as needed. I will also add a few drops of the Face & Body formula for extra protection.

• Relieve the itch and reduce the inflammation without steroids and potential super bug procreation
• Effectively irrigates wounds
• Natural ingredients are well known to be repugnant to flies, mosquitoes and insects - add 2 droppers full to a bucket of warm water for an all over rinse.
• Organic Materials Review Institute OMRI® Listed #NBC-5041.
• Safe for lactating animals.
• Add Groomer to your sprayer/mister for use on & around organic certified livestock for dust and odor control as well as relief from bacteria and fungus skin conditions

Ratio of Concentrate:
1 oz = 2 Gallons

Ingredients: Citronella, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Jojoba

Groomer Fly & Insect Spray for Horses & Livestock (32 oz)
Ready-made all natural fly & insect spray formulated with the Groomer Concentrate. Product meets EPA exemption requirements.

Active Ingredients: Citronella 1.56%, Lemongrass .12%, Jojoba .11%, Peppermint .075.
YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW ALL INGREDIENTS! Inactive Ingredients (98.14%):Purified Water, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Polysorbate 20

Daily Time Savers:

Convenience Clip – Blanket Conversion Kit
Save time and effort by converting all of your front-buckle horse blankets to easy and convenient clips! Easy to install, easy to remove when it’s time to launder the blanket. Patent Pending.

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