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At Ease with Vegetable Glycerine Base
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At Ease with Vegetable Glycerine Base

Natural Training Aids
(Item no: AEVG01 )

Price Starting At: $24.95



A blend of 6 Flower Essences created using the Spirit-in-Nature Essence line. I developed this blend to enhance my fostering and rehabilitation work with rescued puppy mill breeder dogs who often have emotional/behavioral issues. I also utilize the blend when I trim horses, especially with those who are fearful due to bad experiences in the past. So far I have seen some miraculous results with this Flower Essence blend in several species including DOGS, HORSES, CATS and PEOPLE too!!

Let “At Ease” help your animal friends with issues like:
• Separation anxiety or stress
• Shyness or insecurity
• Jealousy of other animals or people
• Loss of a companion
• Fear of any kind (thunderstorms, loud noises, etc)
• Past abuse

• Disruption of the household of any sort, and MORE!

About the Essences in “At Ease”...
Grape - Quality: Love, Devotion
Pattern of Disharmony: Negative emotions such as jealousy; for issues of abandonment, including separation, divorce or death; neediness; cruelty; loneliness; feeling disconnected; feeling alienated; for a noncommittal nature; vulnerability.
Restores: Realization of the inner source of love; purity; living without condition, demand, or expectation.

Lettuce - Quality: Calmness
Pattern of Disharmony: Restlessness; too many thoughts at once; inability to concentrate; excitability; troubled emotions; agitation; propensity toward anger; nervousness; inability to make decisions; repression; emotional congestion; repeats self in conversation.
Restores: Inner quietude; inner strength in confrontation of difficulties; clear communication skills; unblocked creative expression; success in undertakings; decisiveness; concentration.

Orange - Quality: Joy, Enthusiasm, Hope
Pattern of Disharmony: Mild to severe depression; hopelessness; despair; for past or present abuse issues—physical or emotional; apathy.
Restores: Energy; banishing melancholy; resolution of conflict; lightness; renewed interest in life; for the power to endure difficulties.

Pear - Quality: Peacefulness, Emergency Essence
Pattern of Disharmony: Feeling thrown off balance during accidents, illness or surgery; physical and/or emotional crisis; environmental disturbances, minor to monumental; for shock, or thought or fear of it; extreme grief; for any troubling experience.
Restores: Peace of mind; returns a sense of rhythm and proportion; for being fully
in the present moment; ability to handle crisis; for stability during major changes.

Pineapple - Quality: Self-assurance
Pattern of Disharmony: Inferiority complex; unhappy with current situation; an
overbearing nature; a pushy personality.
Restores: Content with self; confidence; empowerment; strong sense of identity;
wisdom; the ability to draw abundance.

Tomato - Quality: Mental strength, Courage, Endurance
Pattern of Disharmony: Fear; weakness; nightmares; withdrawal; shyness;
defensiveness; addictions; minor hesitation to sever terror; defeatist attitude;
Restores: Knowing there is no failure, only another chance to succeed.

“At Ease” Flower Essence Blend

Permissible as per USEF regulations, At Ease has been successfully used to correct all kinds of behavioral issues including but not limited to fears of any kind, stress/anxiety, restlessness, agitation, nervousness, inferiority issues, lack of concentration. Restores balance, concentration, courage, calmness, confidence, enthusiasm and more! Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and people too!

100% Pure Palm Derived Glycerine, Spring Water, Infusion of Grape, Pear, Orange, Pineapple, Lettuce & Tomato Flowers (Dosage Concentrate).

"My Appaloosa, Pokie is a very sensitive horse who always had a difficult time working with farriers because with one foot in the air I think he felt like his ability to "run from danger" was jeopardized. He would dance around or even refuse to pick up his feet and you could actually feel his anxiety. When Kris started working with him she took her time and was very soothing and calming. She also used the flower essence blend At Ease and the difference was remarkable. A horse that other farriers had refused to work with became so calm and truly "at ease" that his eyes were half closed and he gave up his feet without a second thought. The difference was amazing! It has really made his trimming experiences so much better and I feel better too!"
Laura C., NJ

“For me, At Ease did exactly what the name implies.  While dealing with the emotional blow of losing my first dog I was so upset I could not even sleep.  One dose of At Ease took the edge off so that I could begin to process and recover from my loss.  I have also found it to be extremely helpful in helping young, high energy horses to handle restricted stall rest while recovering from an injury or surgery, but the effects it had on me personally are what really impressed me.”
Becky B., NJ

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