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Training Ease with Brandy Base
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Training Ease with Brandy Base

Natural Training Aids
(Item no: TEBR01 )

Price Starting At: $24.95



Let “Training Ease” help your animal friends with Training issues like:
• Poor memory
• Lack of focus
• Slow learner
• Confusion
• Fears of any kind
• Anxiety or Excitability
• Inability to retain information
• Lack of confidence
• An “I can’t” attitude

About the Essences in “Training Ease”...

Avocado - Quality: Good Memory
Pattern of Disharmony: Forgetfulness; absent-mindedness; dullness; missing details; going along without purpose or direction; for the "out to lunch" state
Restores: Mental focus; remembering details; joy in challenging the mind; greater awareness; attitude of "now I get it"; learning from mistakes.

Coconut - Quality: Awareness
Pattern of Disharmony: For making excuses; lack of endurance; a quitter; avoidance attitude; for the "last straw" feeling; for the inability to commit to putting out more energy.
Restores: Endurance; perseverance; living one's highest potential; strong, steady energy; welcoming challenges; solution-orientation; for readiness to take the next step; determination despite setbacks.

Fig - Quality: Flexibility and Self-acceptance
Pattern of Disharmony: Rigidity; tension; an uncompromising nature; difficulty with change; unrealistic expectations of oneself; self-limiting; too strict a sense of discipline; for over-extending oneself; selfdominating; suppression of faults; trying too hard; judgmental of self.
Restores: Sense of humor; fluidity; ability to "go with the flow"; at ease with self and others; selfliberating; energy to move forward in life; relaxation; for setting healthy boundaries.

Lettuce - Quality: Calmness
Pattern of Disharmony: Restlessness; too many thoughts at once; inability to concentrate; excitability; troubled emotions; agitation; propensity toward anger; nervousness; inability to make decisions; repression; emotional congestion; repeats self in conversation.
Restores: Inner quietude; inner strength in confrontation of difficulties; clear communication skills; unblocked creative expression; success in undertakings; decisiveness; concentration.

Pear - Quality: Peacefulness, Emergency Essence
Pattern of Disharmony: Feeling thrown off balance during accidents, illness or surgery; physical and/or emotional crisis; environmental disturbances, minor to monumental; for shock, or thought or fear of it; extreme grief; for any troubling experience.
Restores: Peace of mind; returns a sense of rhythm and proportion; for being fully in the present moment; ability to handle crisis; for stability during major changes.

Pineapple - Quality: Self-assurance
Pattern of Disharmony: Inferiority complex; unhappy with current situation; an
overbearing nature; a pushy personality.
Restores: Content with self; confidence; empowerment; strong sense of identity;
wisdom; the ability to draw abundance.

Tomato - Quality: Mental strength, Courage, Endurance
Pattern of Disharmony: Fear; weakness; nightmares; withdrawal; shyness;
defensiveness; addictions; minor hesitation to sever terror; defeatist attitude;
Restores: Knowing there is no failure, only another chance to succeed.

“Training Ease” Flower Essence Blend

Permissible as per USEF regulations, Training Ease has been successfully used to correct all kinds of training issues including but not limited to poor memory, lack of focus, slow learner, inability to retain information, lack of confidence, an “I can’t” attitude, confusion, fears of any kind and anxiety or excitability. Restores mental focus, decisiveness, concentration remembering details, joy in challenging the mind, greater awareness, attitude of "now I get it", learning from mistakes, solution-orientation, confidence and more! Suitable for horses, dogs, cats and people too!

Brandy (40% alcohol), Spring Water, Infusion of Fig, Coconut, Avocado, Pear, Pineapple, Lettuce & Tomato Flowers (Dosage Concentrate).

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank Kris for introducing us to Training Ease. Her specially formulated essence has helped my dog Phynn tremendously. Phynn is a Search and Rescue dog, specializing in Air Scent, Live Find. In order to do her job, she needs to be able to work hundreds of acres, off leash, in challenging terrain and weather, and have the confidence to make independant decisions. She needs to do all this, keep track of me, and find lost people. She does her job amazingly well, and inspires me everyday! When she was younger, and we would encounter new training obstacles, it was often overwhelming. We ask these dogs to swim swift rivers, explore dark caves, navigate abandoned buildings, and so much more! With the Training Ease, it seemed to give her the confidence and clarity of thought to work through these new situations and stresses and still do her job. She has done water searches, large area searches over many, many acres, worked trying terrain in adverse weather conditions, and always does her job perfectly. Training Ease helped her learn the skills that got her where she is today. She knows that no matter what, I trust her, and she has the confidence to make her decisions, and knows that I will always be right behind her to back her up.

I would recommend Kris' Training Ease to any animal that needed a little help with focus and confidence in a challenging training situation. It would be beneficial in competitive situations, training, or animals with a job, like Phynn. I know that its completely safe, doesn't alter her all important sense of smell and she loves it! She knows when she gets a few drops of Training Ease and gets her Search vest and bell on, we're gonna go have fun, and do her job. She loves her job!

Thanks Kris, for this great product!!"
Farah and Phynn (Cedarcreeks The Best is Yet to Be, CGC, TDI)

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