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The information provided within is not intended to medicinally prescribe or diagnose in any way, nor is it meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. We suggest you consult your veterinarian before pursuing any form of treatment for your animals.
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." – Unknown

Natural Equine Hoof Trimming

The best thing about this approach to trimming is that it is truly "wholistic" (We know, it’s the wrong spelling but keep reading). “Wholistic” meaning that we are taking into account the "whole” horse when we trim. The horse’s diet, environment, background and confirmation are all important aspects that influence the condition of the hooves. We are not simply looking at the appearance of the hooves; we are interpreting what they tell us. No hoof pathology is beyond the benefits of the Natural Trim Methodology. Horses that were once debilitated by a life of pain and lameness are restored back to good health and soundness.

Imbalances, cracks, flares, white line separation, etc. They are all indicators of what is going on inside the horse and can alert us to conditions that may need to be addressed. So rather than letting our horses get to a point of constant pain and suffering, we can utilize the Natural Trim Methodology to help prevent problems like founder and navicular syndrome simply because it allows us to see if the signs and symptoms of these deadly ailments are present in the hooves long before the horse “suddenly” goes lame with pain.

During a trimming session we utilize all of our skills to ensure that your horse is comfortable both physically & emotionally. Through the use of Flower Essences, Acupressure & Energy Work the horse not only gets a barefoot trim PERSONALIZED to their needs but we also address other conditions such as stress/anxiety/fear issues, pain associated to arthritis, and muscle/tendon problems to name a few. Additionally, we will show you acupoints to use on your horse in between trims for continued relief & healing.

We Specialize in horses that are normally difficult to work with!
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For more detailed information about The Natural Trim Methodology < Click Here >.

Hoof Boot Fitting

Hoof Boots have come a long way since they first hit the market in the 1970’s. Today’s hoof boots are made of light-weight durable material and when they fit your horse properly, they can stand up to the toughest trails you can find.

For more detailed information about Hoof Boot Fitting < Click Here >.

Animal Acupressure Sessions

The goal of practicing acupressure is to restore, replenish, and maintain the natural harmony and balance needed in animal bodies to create optimal health and well-being. Conventional western and eastern medicines’ scientific studies and clinical observation have proven that acupressure can:

Relieve muscle spasms Release natural cortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation
Build the immune system Release endorphins necessary to increase energy or relieve pain
Benefit chronic health issues Enhance mental clarity and calm required for focus in training and performance
Strengthen muscles, tendons, joints,
and bones
Resolve injuries more readily by increasing the blood supply and removing toxins
Balance energy to optimize the body’s natural ability to heal    

For more detailed information about Animal Acupressure < Click Here >.

Flower Essence Consultations

Flower Essences are herbal infusions that stimulate positive qualities within our nature. All flower essences do the same thing - they restore us to a state of balance. This occurs when the energy of the flower essence creates a vibrational resonance which gently stimulates our internal, intelligent life force allowing the body to heal itself. The essence line used is the "Spirit-in-Nature Essences".

For more detailed information about Flower Essences < Click Here >.

Sheath Cleaning

I have a feeling there may be quite a few horse owners out there, especially those new to owning a Gelding, who may not be aware of some of the "100 mile tune-ups" our horses may need. One such yearly tune-up is cleaning the sheath and checking for and removing "beans”…

For more detailed information about Sheath Cleaning < Click Here >.

Thrush Treatment Services

Here in the North East, thrush is an ever present issue for the health and soundness of our horses. Have you watched how your horse moves lately? The correct and healthy stride of a horse is to land on their heels and roll the foot forward toward the toe. If your horse is NOT landing on their heels but appears to be landing on their toes you’ve got trouble. Avoidance of a heel-first landing is a big red flag that your horse has sensitivity in the back of their hoof. Landing on their toe (except when walking up a hill) is a completely abnormal gait and basically translates to the avoidance of pain. Here in the tri-state area, the first, and most common cause of a toe-first landing is thrush. If your horse has thrush then you need our help.

For more detailed information about Thrush Treatment Services < Click Here >.

At "No Horsing Around, LLC" we are always working to bring both our animal and human clients the best of the best. That translates into many hours of training and tons of research and product testing to convince us that we represent the cream of the crop! So keep checking back to see what new products and services we will be offering.

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