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The information provided within is not intended to medicinally prescribe or diagnose in any way, nor is it meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. We suggest you consult your veterinarian before pursuing any form of treatment for your animals.
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sheath cleaning
"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." ~Arabian Proverb

Sheath Cleaning...A Necessary "Evil"
I have a feeling there may be quite a few horse owners out there, especially those new to owning a Gelding, who may not be aware of some of the "100 mile tune-ups" our horses may need. One such yearly tune-up is cleaning the sheath and checking for and removing "beans".

Over time, a build up of normal body secretions and dead skin cells within the sheath may start to accumulate into a waxy material within the folds of the sheath and is known as "smegma". Depending on the coloration of the horse, the smegma may be black, grey or even a cream color. Occasionally it may form into bean-shaped lumps within the fossa of the urethra, the opening at the tip of the penis, and if it becomes large enough it may possibly interfere with normal urination.

Every horse is different in that some produce very little smegma while others may produce large quantities. It has been suggested that a yearly cleaning is sufficient to prevent potential problems with smegma build-up yet this schedule allows enough time in between cleanings so as not to disrupt the normal biological balance of the skin bacteria. If your horse is prone to producing beans you will want to at least have him checked every six months.

Sheath cleaning is a service that is currently only offered to clients whose horses I know well from trimming and/or acupressure treatments. From past experience, as well as an understanding of sensitivity issues that some horses will exhibit when having their sheaths cleaned, I have found it to be imperative for the safely of all involved to have established a true rapport with a horse before attempting this service. If you are not a current client, I would suggest that you have your vet come out to do this for you so if there's a problem and the horse needs to be sedated the vet has the ability to readily do so.

What We Will Do for Your Horse...
Through the use of Flower Essences and Acupressure we will attempt to relax your horse enough to "drop" in order to give him a thorough cleaning. There are horses that will still not drop with any amount of coaxing but the main purpose of the job can still be completed. We use Excalibur shampoo which is specifically designed for sheath cleaning to remove the build-up of smegma within the sheath and we will check for and remove any "beans".

If requested ahead of time, we will also allow time to teach horse owners how to correctly and safely perform a sheath cleaning on their own.

Please NOTE:
We will make every attempt to work with your horse using natural methods. If your horse is aggressive during the procedure he may require sedation by your veterinarian. If this is the case and we are unable to complete the cleaning without the risk of bodily harm to ourselves or your horse we will still expect 50% of the fee at the time services are rendered.

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