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The information provided within is not intended to medicinally prescribe or diagnose in any way, nor is it meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. We suggest you consult your veterinarian before pursuing any form of treatment for your animals.

"HORSE... if God made anything more beautiful,
he kept it for himself." - Unknown

Acupressure, Your Ultimate Equine: The Competitive Edge and At Ease
"My horse and I really love Kris. Two years ago I bought this beautiful Overo paint who actually picked me! Razz has been a labor of love. He bucked, was dominant and very, very smart. After owning him for about a year I thought he started to show indications that he and I were finally clicking. I knew it was my responsibility as a horse guardian to do the best I could for him. My journey - and my goal - to correct his vices was to search for people with unique skills who could help me help my horse. This is how I met Kris. The services that she provides for us including accupressure, advice on digestive aids and having her as a resource for other issues that come up has been a blessing. Razz is a much better horse, not only because of the acupressure but because of using Your Ultimate Equine: The Competitive Edge digestive aid that I get from Kris. I had suspected that he had ulcers and I have tried many products but this is the best. He eats all his food, his weight is stable and he is relaxed. Occasionally he still has days where his attention deficit kicks in so I use the flower essence therapy recommended by Kris. Her flower essence blend At Ease keeps him focused and wonderful to ride. I have used others before but this really works. Razz and I are really grateful for all you have done for us. Thank you, Kris!"

Nancy D. & Razz, NJ

At Ease
"My Appaloosa, Pokie is a very sensitive horse who always had a difficult time working with farriers because with one foot in the air I think he felt like his ability to "run from danger" was jeopardized. He would dance around or even refuse to pick up his feet and you could actually feel his anxiety. When Kris started working with him she took her time and was very soothing and calming. She also used the flower essence blend At Ease and the difference was remarkable. A horse that other farriers had refused to work with became so calm and truly "at ease" that his eyes were half closed and he gave up his feet without a second thought. The difference was amazing! It has really made his trimming experiences so much better and I feel better too!"

Laura C., NJ

At Ease
“For me, At Ease did exactly what the name implies.  While dealing with the emotional blow of losing my first dog I was so upset I could not even sleep.  One dose of At Ease took the edge off so that I could begin to process and recover from my loss.  I have also found it to be extremely helpful in helping young, high energy horses to handle restricted stall rest while recovering from an injury or surgery, but the effects it had on me personally are what really impressed me.”

Becky B., NJ

Your Ultimate Equine: The Competitive Edge
“Max is doing very well. Your supplement, complimented by veterinary and farrier services, has made a difference for our horse. The subcutaneous lymphosarcoma growths in his sheath have disappeared on one side and reduced in size on the other. Max's farrier is pleased with the positive changes to his hooves. He remains sound and we horse showed this past weekend!...Take care and thanks for providing us with a great product!"

Joan R., NJ

Your Ultimate Canine
"All I can say is that my 2 dog's (an English pointer and a mixed breed) won't eat their food without it!" 

Chris K., NJ

Hoof Re-New
"The soak has worked wonders on my half-Arab mare who has suffered with chronic thrush and poor frog quality for years.  She was recently diagnosed with Cushing's as well.  After only a few soaks her frog health and quality has improved, as well as her overall soundness.  I now use it routinely as a spray to keep the thrush at bay!  I also have a Belgian/Paint cross who suffers from the typical "draft" feet, toe and quarter cracks that are just ideal opportunities for bacteria to flourish.  I clean the cracks as best I can and then routinely spray a good heavy dose of Hoof-ReNew and it seems to be helping.  I will know more as her hoof grows out and provide before and after pictures." 

Chris K., NJ

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank Kris for introducing us to Training Ease. Her specially formulated essence has helped my dog Phynn tremendously. Phynn is a Search and Rescue dog, specializing in Air Scent, Live Find. In order to do her job, she needs to be able to work hundreds of acres, off leash, in challenging terrain and weather, and have the confidence to make independant decisions. She needs to do all this, keep track of me, and find lost people. She does her job amazingly well, and inspires me everyday! When she was younger, and we would encounter new training obstacles, it was often overwhelming. We ask these dogs to swim swift rivers, explore dark caves, navigate abandoned buildings, and so much more! With the Training Ease, it seemed to give her the confidence and clarity of thought to work through these new situations and stresses and still do her job. She has done water searches, large area searches over many, many acres, worked trying terrain in adverse weather conditions, and always does her job perfectly. Training Ease helped her learn the skills that got her where she is today. She knows that no matter what, I trust her, and she has the confidence to make her decisions, and knows that I will always be right behind her to back her up.

I would recommend Kris' Training Ease to any animal that needed a little help with focus and confidence in a challenging training situation. It would be beneficial in competitive situations, training, or animals with a job, like Phynn. I know that its completely safe, doesn't alter her all important sense of smell and she loves it! She knows when she gets a few drops of Training Ease and gets her Search vest and bell on, we're gonna go have fun, and do her job. She loves her job!

Thanks Kris, for this great product!!"

Farah and Phynn (Cedarcreeks The Best is Yet to Be, CGC, TDI)

"Dear all,

As you all know, Kris has been working with all different types of things to make life better for animals and their owners.

As an animal lover and owner I was very interested in all of the work that Kris has been doing. The stories that she would tell me intrigued me so I decided to see it for myself.

Let me start by telling you that Scarlett, who we started giving the essence to is now a totally different mare.

My 8 year old thoroughbred mare, Scarlett was a very high strung, high energy horse. This energy that she had was not all good though. In fact, she came to the point where she could have hurt someone if they weren’t ready for anything to happen. As I was telling Kris some of my wacky stories about Scarlett, Kris recommended that maybe an essence would help out. When Kris came to evaluate her it was very apparent that she needed a little minor adjustment here and there - some balancing out. So we started her on Almond essence. This was going to help balance her out. After just 3 days of placing this essence into her water and her dinner every day I had a totally different horse. Instead of dealing with a horse that was ready to push you into a wall at any second I now had a horse that wanted to be loved, a horse that realized we were trying to help. I also had Kris perform acupressure on Scarlett which was great to watch. I have never seen Scarlett stand so still for so long but you could see that she was loving it. Thanks to Kris I can now be around my horse without having to worry about what’s going to happen next. It's as if finally she has grown up. Now she proceeds to do what she loves doing best, jumping.

Kris has also performed natural trimming on my miniature pony, Daisy. When I used to have Daisy’s feet trimmed by other farriers, her feet would grow back so fast and would not be shaped right at all. Since Kris has been trimming her feet they no longer grow out as fast and they keep a wonderful shape all year round."

Kate S., Annandale, NJ

"My twelve year old greyhound, Zephyr, has been suffering from what the veterinarian has called a degenerative mylopathy or invertebrate disc trauma. Bottom line is his ability to be mobile was hindered. This is a death sentence for a dog that lives to move. Kris Smalley came over to perform some acupressure on his rear legs. Zephyr was showing a major amount of emotion over what she was doing. It was obvious he was enjoying the therapy and even gave her a kiss. I noticed immediate improvement in his mobility. We have been practicing the acupressure technique on a weekly basis...After a few weeks, he has resumed his daily walks and even romps around and plays with my other dogs. It is so amazing to watch him.

Thank you so much Kris."

Margo B., Hope, NJ

"I will start off by saying Thank You from me and my horses! My ten year old upper level jumper mare gradually started going downhill over a period of six months. During this time I decided maybe she just does not have it in her anymore and I stopped showing her. Instead I leased her to a student for lower levels. Kris had informed me about her latest and greatest Acupressure and it got me very curious! She did a session on Freyja and a couple days later during her jumping lesson she became the fiery enthusiastic young horse that would make people think "wow that horse loves her job!" It made me so happy to see my horse so happy again! Ironically a couple weeks later I found out that Freyja has Lymes Disease. Now for all the issues I could not explain I had the cause. The acupressure allows Freyja to show and win every time out but the day after she is sore. No medicine has the effect of the acupressure so after her shows she gets a treatment to get her feeling good. She would probably not be able to jump if she did not have the acupressure and then I think she would be miserable! Her medication has not shown me any benefit yet but I swear by the acupressure. My five year old Amber gets her feet trimmed by Kris and is on the pear essence. Her feet need the special attention of Kris because of their horrible conformation! Without Kris I think she would have needed special shoeing years ago but she is still barefoot and moves great! The Pear essence changed her from an extremely immature and curious baby to a focused "ready for business" horse! I am so thankful that my horses have experienced Kris' wonderful work."

Maren, Whitehouse Station NJ

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